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The Treacherous Kiss (Facebook Post June 13, 2016)

May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.
#Iraq #Revolution
The corrupt shepherd leaves his sheep for the wolves to eat.
They have presented you to the slaughter houses. Do you now realize that they haven’t raised you for the sake of God?
To them you only exist to fuel their privilege and luxury. Have you now become aware of this truth?
Attached is a famous photo called “The Treacherous Kiss of Judas”. It shows a breeder who raised a small calf until it grew into a bull. The breeder eventually sold it in order for it to be tortured in a brutal and inhumane way in bullfighting rings. In the midst of the bloody hysteria dominating the spectators’ minds, the wounded bull saw the breeder and ran to him for help. Instead of helping it, the treacherous breeder gave it this kiss before the poor bull returned to its painful fate.

-Ahmed AlHasan pbuh