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The Six-Pointed Star has no Permanent Ties to Zionism

The six-pointed star is not synonymous with Zionism.

Facebook post June, 2013

May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.
I ask God that you be well and in good health, and that God blesses you, supports you and straightens your footsteps in these blessed days of the month of Shaban. I also ask that He bestows upon us and yourselves commemoration of these blessed days of every year by remembering God and obeying Him, the Almighty. Praise be to God who allowed us to know al-Hussein. We ask God to support us and straighten our footsteps toward following his way.

The Six-Pointed Star and Zionism
I stopped writing in days past, perhaps due to my shortcoming. However, I did not stop reading the headlines of what the believers were writing on some of the social media pages, even if only occasionally. And I have noticed these days posts about the six-pointed star and its relationship to Zionism, since the Jewish state established in Palestine places the six-pointed star on its flag. And it seems that a group from the elders of the Wahhabis and the elders of the Shia clerics, and a group from the ignorant ones who follow them and applaud them, still insist that the six-pointed star is a Zionist logo that belongs to the Zionists and the Jewish people and no one else, even though we have been trying to make them understand for over eight years that there are no permanent ties of the six-pointed star to Zionism, and that those who occupy Palestine are merely one group of people among many who have used it across the ages. We have been trying to make them understand existent and concrete facts, like the existence of the star on the Box of Fatima in Turkey, and in the Museum of Imam al-Hussein pbuh in Karbala. And Fatima is the daughter of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, so do they accuse her of being a Zionist?!

The Artifacts
We have been trying to make them understand that the six-pointed star was found in the artifacts of the most ancient civilizations on the face of the earth, in the Iraq of Noah, Abraham, Sumer and Akkad, which existed before any Jewish person existed on the face of this earth.
We have been trying to make them understand that it was on the Islamic coins, and that it was on the flag of some of the Islamic countries. We have been trying, and we have been trying…
And understanding is still difficult for these few ignorant ones who are led by some ignorant clerics of religion. Is it reasonable for it to be this difficult to understand that there are no permanent ties of the six-pointed star to Zionism?!
It has been over eight years, and they still have not understood this simple matter from us.
It is as if I am preaching to a crowd that does not understand a single letter from what I say.
Alas, O Hussein, for you stand preaching to crowds like this one.
Alas, O Ali, for you stand preaching to crowds like this one.
Alas, O Muhammad, for you stand preaching to crowds like this one.
O God, You are more knowledgeable of their truth:

{Or do you think that most of them hear or reason? They are nothing but livestock. Rather, they are more astray in [their] way} The Quran, Chapter “The Criterion” 25:44.

After witnessing this state of theirs, do we need proof of the validity of the theory of evolution?