Sheikh Akram Al-Asadi

The Passing of Sheikh Akram Al-Asadi

May God reward you greatly upon the passing of the revered Sheikh Akram Al-Asadi to the highest realm.
I ask God that He support his family and loved ones by giving them patience regarding what has befallen them, and that He reward them with good in this world and the hereafter.
And I ask God to have mercy on him with His vast Mercy, and for Him to ressurect him with Muhammad and his progeny. He is my supporter and He supports the righteous.



The translation of the post shared by Ahmed Al Hasan on his Facebook page is as follows:

From the Facebook page of the Representatives of the Office of Sayed Ahmed Al Hasan in Baghdad March 31, 2017:

In the name of God, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful. To God do we belong, and to Him we will return. Certainly, the promise of God is true. With hearts that believe in God’s decree and fate, the representative of the Office of Sayed Ahmed Al Hasan pbuh in Baghdad expresses their warm condolences and sympathy to the great supporter of God Muhammad Ibn Hassan pbuh, to his successor Sayed Ahmed Al Hasan pbuh, and all of the Ansar brothers and the family of Sheikh Akram Al-Asadi, who has died. We ask God Almighty to cover him with His vast mercy and accept him so that he resides in His spacious Paradise, and to inspire his family with beautiful patience and solace ([recite] Al-Fatihah).