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Ramadan 2015

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Ramadan Mubarak and Purification from the Hypocrites

Thursday June 18, 2015 (Wednesday night July 17) is the 1st of Ramadan. All of the official English translations of the Facebook posts of Imam Ahmed al-Hasan PBUH are being posted in the Facebook group Savior of Mankind Supporters.

From Imam Ahmed al-Hasan PBUH Facebook 6/12/2015:


In the name of God, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful.

Praise be to God.

Prayers upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis.

A few days ago, I said that if the water rises a lot it leaves the rats with no choice but to show their heads. After the formation of the Riser Brigades was announced, the hypocrites could no longer hide. They were left with one choice and one choice only: to show their heads so that the believing men and women would recognize them, and the call of truth would be rid of them, and they would go into the trash heap of history and God, the Lord of the Worlds, would be praised.



Ali Ghuraifi has finally shown his head as expected. By His favor, God informed us about this hypocrite a while ago. Now, this hypocrite has made a video filled with the fallacies and foolish arguments that his nasibi masters repeatedly say about the call of truth and its movement. He followed his masters and rehashed these arguments, although they are all foolish fallacies refuted in the stories and narrations of the prophets and imams, as well as the fundamentals of ideology and legislation. These refutations are well-known to the believers, may God reward them with good. They have exposed, and will continue to expose, the ignorance of Ali Ghuraifi, just as they exposed the ignorance of his masters from the satans of mankind and jinn - the masters who took it upon themselves to fight this call that God supports. Furthermore, Ali Ghuraifi filled this video with lies, fabrications, accusations, and conclusions derived from delusions. Not even my dear brother Muhammad, may God protect him, remained safe from his accusations, which he passed around as if they were for free. This hypocrite left nothing in the call of truth, or any of its pillars, without attacking it in a random, frivolous, childish and foolish manner. This is all a miserable and desperate attempt by Iblis and his soldiers to harm the call of God as they are giving their final breaths in their final moments. But they are crying to the moon and they will never get what they want. As I said to you days ago, it is nothing but a process of sifting and purification to rid the call of truth from hypocrites, seekers of this world and worshippers of desire, may God embarrass them. We ask God to fortify the believing men and women with His fort, and protect them from the evil, darkness and foolishness of the hypocrites.

Ali Ghuraifi has been controlled by Iblis, and he talked about every person in contact with me, and who have announced upon my request that they are in contact with me. However, due to his ignorance, he did not talk about Dr. Abdul Razzaq Hashim al-Dairawy, this great knowledgeable man, and the dear brother and friend, who devoted his entire blessed life to support the call of truth. His books and programs testify to this. I am regularly and directly in contact with him. I posted the selected berths in the ports of Sumer and Akkad to this page after he spoke with me directly and requested answers for a scientific and academic research paper, so I answered him in brief and told him I would answer him in more detail through my Facebook page as the answer is lengthy. I then answered him on this blessed page by posting the berths. Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds.

As for the mercy of the progeny of Muhammad (may the prayers of God be upon them all) which you ask about, it was never meant for you, or the hypocrites like you, may God embarrass you. This mercy is for the believers and the disbelievers who do not fight Ahlulbayt. As for the lying hypocrites like yourself and the nasibis who deliberately declare their animosity and insist upon it and fight the truth, they are not recipients of the mercy. God curses you all and promises that you will find the most severe punishment {God has promised the hypocrite men and the hypocrite women and the disbelievers the fire of Hell, wherein they will abide eternally. It is sufficient for them. And God has cursed them, and for them is an enduring punishment} The Quran 9:68.

{Indeed, those who abuse God and His messenger - God has cursed them in this world and the hereafter and prepared for them an embarrassing punishment} The Quran 33:57.

{And [that] He may punish the hypocrite men and hypocrite women, and the polytheist men and polytheist women, who assume about God an assumption of evil nature. Upon them is a misfortune of evil nature; and God has become angry with them and has cursed them and prepared for them Hell, and evil it is as a destination} The Quran 48:6.

I wrote this to establish proof, and so the stance of every individual or group will be clear from today onward. There is no room for hypocrites among us. That is why I demand that Abdullah Hashem and the group working with him in Egypt declare that they are innocent of Ali Ghuraifi, may God embarrass him, and of the misguidance and deviation he calls for, and that they declare this before everyone, individually, immediately and without any delay. Unfortunately, Abdullah Hashem tied himself financially to Ali Ghuraifi when the latter offered. Ghuraifi only offered to do so in a very clear attempt to enslave Abdullah Hashem and the people who are with him. This is why I address them and say to them today: You can choose to be so cheap that you become extremely small and your price would be measly even by material standards. And that price would be what the nasibi Ali Ghuraifi paid you, so walk with him to hellfire and to the trash heap of history alongside the enemies of the prophets and successors, or you can choose to be heavenly jewels and your reward would be paradise and the satisfaction of God Almighty with Ahmed al-Hasan.

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