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Imam PBUH Facebook Post: A Flat Universe

In the name of Allah, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you.

I ask Allah for you to be well and in good health.


Noor Ala Noor wrote:

May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you. A question, please: If the universe is flat, why does everything appear spherical in pictures? Also, Einstein proved that the shortest distance between two points is not a straight line, but a curve that bends at a certain angle. With sincere thanks.



Answer: If the curvature of the universe is zero, that doesn’t mean it is two-dimensional. It is a universe that has three spatial dimensions that are visible to us, and the dimension of time is added to them. Therefore, it is at least four-dimensional. So if it is flat, that doesn’t prevent a mass of objects within it from causing a bend of its inner fabric or of the fabric of its four dimensions. Anyway, this issue is detailed in The Atheism Delusion, and here is an excerpt I am conveying from it. You can go back to the book and read more details, God willing.


“The theory of general relativity:

According to Newton’s laws, gravity between two objects is dependent on their masses and on the distance between them at that particular moment. This means that if one of the objects moves, changing the distance between them, the effect of the gravitational force on the other object will directly change, meaning the change occurs instantly. This means that the effect of the gravitational force travels at an infinite speed, which contradicts special relativity, which showed that the maximum speed of things is the speed of light. This is why Einstein worked for ten years on a theory that explains gravity in a way that does not contradict special relativity. So in 1915 AD, he proposed the theory of general relativity that describes the universe as a whole concerning the effect of the gravity of matter and energy therein, and their impact upon one another in the light of what Einstein proposed in the special relativity theory. There is no speed within the universe greater than the speed of light; there is no absolute time and no complete independence of time from the other dimensions of the universe that we call space. Rather, there is a cosmic fabric of the four dimensions.

In the theory of general relativity, the effect of gravity is the result of the bending of the four cosmic dimensions, space-time, because of matter and energy. It is as if the cosmic fabric is elastic and bendable, and all matter in the universe bends this fabric by the amount of its mass. Also, all energy bends this fabric by an amount that matches its material equivalent, according to Einstein’s equation in Einstein’s theory of special relativity E=mc2.

So for example, the mass and energy of the Sun bend the space-time fabric, and Earth is moving in this bend in a path similar to a straight line, as it represents the shortest path between two points in the four dimensions. In a three-dimensional world, we see that this path is almost circular, exactly like the airplane moving in a straight line between two points in the three dimensions in the air, leaving a trace (shadow) on the surface of the earth that is bent due to the differences in height on the surface of the Earth, and not due to its path.

Many applications and experiments have proven that the theory of general relativity matches reality and observation. For example, it explains the orbit of Mercury more accurately than Newton’s law of gravity. It also predicted the deflection of light and how it is affected by gravitational fields and through experimentation, this prediction was found to be true. It predicted the existence of black holes, and indeed, black holes were discovered.

The most important thing presented by general relativity related to the topic we are discussing is that time and space aren’t a static expanse in which events occur. Rather, time and space bend and are affected by the things existing within them, meaning they are a dynamic, moving entity.

This has allowed some cosmologists to assume that the expansion of the universe is not restricted to matter and energy, but includes the expanse that contains them.” End of The Atheism Delusion excerpt.

Note: What I wanted to clarify above is that the results obtained by science through observations and mathematical equations is that the universe is flat, and it has a simple beginning after which it expanded and became complex, so that the reader has an introduction to these results for when we present topics in the future about the theory of evolution, and how some ignorant people attempt to refute it.

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