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Welcome to the Official English Website of the Savior of Mankind Imam Ahmed al-Hasan PBUH


Question 1: We would like you to briefly introduce yourself to the Western community.

My name is Ahmad. I used to live in the city of Basra in Southern Iraq. I completed my academic studies and received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and then moved to the city of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf and lived there for the purpose of studying the religious knowledge. After becoming familiar with the religious teachings and the religious educational curriculum of Hawzat Al-Najaf (a school of religious science), I found that the level of study was below average (I do not say this according to me or my opinion). Also, I have found that there is great disorder in the curriculum as they study the Arabic language, logic, philosophy, the origins of jurisprudence, the knowledge of speech, creeds and jurisprudence (the legitimate laws), yet they never study the Holy Quran or honorable Sunna (prophet Muhammad’s pbuhap or the Imam’s pbut narrations). Furthermore, they do not study the divine ethics which the believers should possess.

And therefore, I decided to stay isolated in my house and study their sciences on my own without seeking the help of anyone. I just stayed in contact with some of them and they stayed in contact with me.

As to the reason why I joined Al-Hawza in Al-Najaf, it is because I saw a vision of Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh and he commanded me to join Al-Hawza in Al-Najaf. And in the vision, he informed me about what was going to happen to me, and everything he told me in the vision truly happened.

Question 2: What are the main goals of your message?

The goal of my message is the goal of the prophets pbut, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, which is to spread the true monotheism with which Allah is satisfied, and for the earth to be filled with peace and justice after it had been filled with oppression and injustice.

Question 3: When did your message start? And what were the circumstances at that time?

The message started during the end of 1999 in Al-Najaf, in Al-Hawza. It started to spread publicly approximately ten months before the fall of the tyrant Saddam Hussein. And the tyrant Saddam Hussein tried to arrest and kill me, but Allah protected me by His grace and favor upon me.

Question 4: You mentioned that you studied in Al-Hawza in Al-Najaf, so whom were the clerics who taught you? And did you complete your studies?

I was in Al-Hawza and among its clerics, just like St Mary pbuh was in the temple and among the Jewish clerics.

Question 5: What are the steps that you took in order to reform Al-Hawza? And were they successful?

My attempts at reforming Al-Hawza were at the beginning of this message and before it was made public. And it was centered around three points:

1- Scientific reformation, in which I used two methods:

The first method was writing a book called The Path to Allah, and it had a very good impact. Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqubi was very affected by it and was interested in it, and he wanted to republish it, as I was told by some of the sheikhs and men that followed him at the time.

The second method was discussing and talking with the students and clerics about the existing scientific disorder. Some people who believed in me and others who were affected by the truth of my speech used to help me in doing so.

2- Practical reformation:

And it is related to commanding the good and forbidding the wrong. I will provide you with an example of this: when the tyrant Saddam impurified the Quran when he wrote it with his impure blood, and Muslims all know that blood is impure and that it is forbidden to impurify the Quran, at that time I demanded the clerics to take a stance, by at least issuing a statement, but they used Taqiyya [Concealing one’s belief in order to avoid severe punishment by the oppressors] as an excuse so their souls were dearer to them than the Quran. And if they truly believed that there is no strength except by Allah, they would have taken a stance and had certitude that Allah would defend them. And I personally took a stand. I condemned this wicked act that the tyrant Saddam committed. And on multiple occasions during my sermons and at the assemblies, I said that Saddam signed for his death by his own hands when he wrote the Quran with his impure blood. And instead of supporting me they started moving away from me. And one of them even expelled me in a polite way, because he was afraid that if Saddam arrested me for execution, he would execute him as well because he heard my speech which was about the tyrant Saddam.

In any case, I did not find any response from them in this field (of Practical reformation).

3- Financial repair:

And it is regarding the spending of the charity money on the poor people. This was the final stage before the message became public. And I found many students from Al-Hawza who helped me. Very few of them were helping me for the sake of the poor; the majority were doing so because they themselves were suffering from the financial discrimination which was practiced in Al-Hawza.

In this field, few results were achieved after I or some of my Ansar went through bitter negotiations with the religious clerics at Al-Hawza. Amongst these clerics were Sayyed Al-Sistani, Sayyed Muhammad Saeed Al-Hakim and Sheikh Muhammad Is’haq Al-Fayath. The cleric who responded the most by the tongue and words was Sheikh Al-Yaqoobi. He did not argue, rather he admitted the mistakes and said that we need financial repair when one of the believers in me reminded him of the financial policy used by The Prince of Believers Imam Ali (A.S).

In any case, the immediate results in all these centers were few. And the people did not want to take a step forward.

Question 6: And how was your relationship with some of the well-known scholars in Al-Najaf and other cities? And what about now?

It used to be fine. As for now, most of them are demanding to either arrest or kill me. And some of them have publicly decreed to spill my blood, such as Al-Hairi in Iran.

Question 7: Were there any attempts of pursuit from Saddam’s regime? Kindly mention them briefly.

Yes, and some of those who were affiliated with me were arrested even if they were not believers in me. Rather, after the message was announced they arrested a further number of the students from Al-Hawza even though they had nothing to do with me. They would only interrogate them trying to reach me and arrest me, and praise be to Allah who embarrassed Saddam and his soldiers, and returned them disappointed.

Question 8: What is your opinion about the war that toppled Saddam’s regime? Also, what is your opinion about the American occupation and the current political process?

In a sacred narration from Allah swt, He says, “The oppressor is a sword. I take revenge by him and I avenge him.” So Saddam was a tyrant and he received his punishment from the sword of Allah. As for the supremacy of people, I do not believe in it. Rather I believe in Allah swt appointing the prophets and successors pbut, even if the people hate it.

Question 9: Have you participated in the elections and the government in any way? What is your relationship with the government?

We have not participated in any of the elections or government in any way. And every now and then, the government comes and destroys one of the places of worship which belong to the Ansar and arrests a number of them. Eventually they shut down the office which belongs to Ansar Al-Imam Al-Mahdi in Al-Najaf and they also arrested tens of the Ansar in Al-Najaf before the events of Al-Zarkah. And one of the people arrested was Sayyed Hassan Al-Hamami who is one of the most well known clerics in Al-Najaf and he is the son of the deceased scholar, Muhammad Ali Al-Hamami.

Question 10: What is your relationship with the political parties and movements which exist in Iraq? The supreme council? Al-dawa party? Al-Sadr Line? Al-Fadila? And others?

They are invited like all other people to believe in this message.

Question 11: Do you have supporters in other countries?

Yes, in Iran, Pakistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco, Najd and Al-Hejaz (Arabian Peninsula), Lebanon, China, Australia, Canada, England, Sweden, the United States of America, and others.

Question 12: I heard that you have followers from Sunnis, Christians and other religions. Please mention how this happened and if there are there any examples.

Most of those who believed did so either because they met the Ansar in the outside countries and they clarified this call for them, or because they visited the website. Many of them saw visions during sleep and they believed or some of them had a proof from the unseen. An example of this is a letter from a Christian man from Egypt who believed in this call and sent a letter to the Ansar brothers through the Internet.

Name: Emanuel Raphael
The Country: Egypt

The content of the letter is as follows:

To the delegate of the savior, I have a letter for you written 322 years ago from the bishop Sarkhees Mekha the baptist which is saved and stamped although I did not know how to solve its mystery but the name of your majesty is clearly on it. Kindly send me the suitable address.

With my respect,
Age: 71

Question 13: What do you think of those who call themselves “The Resistence” and others? And what do you think about denominational violence?

Is there a sane person who respects his intellect that would call killing people on the roads, schools, universities and markets a resistance? 

Question 14: Why did some political parties accuse your movement of being the reason behind the events that happened in Al-Zarka? And what would motivate them to do so?

When they demolished the places of worship of the Ansar, in Al-Najaf and Karbala, and when they closed down the office that belonged to the Ansar in Al-Najaf, they prevented the media from filming the event or broadcasting what had happened. So when the fitna [tribulation] of Al-Zarka event occurred, and some media broadcast what had happened which was to demolish and shut down the office and to arrest the ansar, they tried to cover up their crimes by holding the Ansar responsible for the events of Al-Zarka, so they could say that the Ansar deserved what we [the political parties] did to them before this. But praise be to Allah, the truth was revealed and their crimes were made clear. However the government, until this very day, is arresting some of the Ansar. And to this very day they have not allowed the offices of the Ansar in Al-Najaf and Karbala to reopen.

Question 15: Some accuse the Supreme Council, the Bader organization and even the Iranian regime of trying to restrain some of the opposing Shia movements. What do you think?

According to this council and its divisions, I will tell you an incident so that the speech is documented. In the past month of Thul-Hujja which was approximately two months ago, a conference had been held in Al-Najaf and some representatives of the Shia clerics demanded in this conference that this message be fought. This demand was broadcast[a] on satellite channels and few days after this demand was made, the oppressive authorities in Al-Najaf attacked the Ansar, arrested them and shut down their office.

Question 16: Some people claim that the supporters of Al-Mahdi commit misguided and deviated acts. What is your response to this?

If by the supporters of Imam Al-Mahdi you mean the Ansar, then I personally did not witness anything but good coming from them. So many of them are worshippers who pray during the night, fast during the day, do not disobey Allah nor do they commit sins. They command good and forbid wrong, they believe in Allah, His prophets and messengers peace be upon them all, and in all of His holy books. They believe in the angels, the unseen and the major and minor resurrections. So if in the eyes of the people, this is misguidance and deviation, then how are guidance and the straight path supposed to be? Also , most of them were from the followers of the clerics, some were from the Badr organization, Al-Dawa party and Al-Sadr line. From among them are well known clerics, who followed the truth after it had been made clear to them. So is it just because they entered the truth by the proof with which Allah is satisfied, that they deserve slander by falsehood, deception and lies? And I give you an example of this deception which I personally experienced: a few months ago and on Al-Kawther Iranian satellite channel, they hosted Sheikh Ali Al-Korani on the satellite show “The Promised Mahdi”. Almost the entire episode was dedicated to talking about me and disfiguring the image of the message. Included in what Sheikh Ali Al-Korani said was, “Ahmad Al-Hassan says that he wed his sister to Imam Al-Mahdi.” And he knows for certain that I never said such a thing and he knows that he is lying. But he has no shame when it comes to lying and deceiving regardless of his old age and the turban he places on his head.

Question 17: There are many movements that claim that a man from their own is Al-Mahdi, such as Al-Hasani, Al-Marsoomi, Jond Al-Sama (soldiers of heaven) and others. Is there something which they all have in common?

They, like all the other people, are invited to believe in this message. And many of the followers of Mahmood Al-Sarkhi Al-Hassani believed in this message after the truth had been clarified to them. 

As for the existence of these movements along with the the existence of the Truth, then it is like the presence of the Samaritan and Belam bin Baaoura along with Moses the prophet of Allah, and it is like the presence of Musailimah the liar, Alaswad and Sujah along with the prophet of Allah, Muhammad pbuhap. They were all a way for Satan to mislead the people from the truth that is represented by the messengers and prophets pbut.

Question 18: What do you think of Sayyed Al-Sistani?

He is invited to believe in this message, just like other people. And many of his followers believed in this message after the truth had been revealed to them.

Question 19: What is the story behind your choosing the Star of David as a symbol of your message?

It is the choice of Allah and not my own choice. The six-pointed star is the Star of David pbuh, and he is a prophet sent from Allah and we are the inheritors of the prophets.

Question 20: Have any of your followers carried weapons even if for self-defense?

Until now, no, even though the forces of the Iraqi government stormed into and destroyed their places of worship in Najaf and Karbala, and they shut down the office in Najaf and arrested the Ansar and are still arresting some among them.

Question 21: How do you fund your activities, prints and others?

From the donations of the Ansar as their number is not small in Iraq and outside of Iraq and all praise is due to Allah.

Question 22: Where do your Ansar concentrate?

In Iraq, some of the gulf countries and Iran.

Question 23: What are the forthcoming steps? Do you fear arrest or assassination by the Iraqi government or by other parties?

From Al-Iraqiyya satellite channel (a media channel funded by the Iraqi government, which conveys the opinion of the government and defends it)and in a news show (and days after Al-Zarka events, after it was clarified that I had nothing to do with it) they contacted a person by phone and that person made killing me an obligation. The host of the show or the government channel did not object to this. And that proves that they are satisfied with it and I think that it is a clear statement of their intentions.

Question 24: Where is your eminence now?

In Iraq.

Question 25: Is there anything else you would like to talk about?

I would like to speak to the Christian people in America and in the West: O you who are waiting for Jesus pbuh, have you read in the bible the saying of Jesus pbuh:

  1. But now I am going back to the one who sent me, and none of you asks me where I am going. 
  2. You are very sad from hearing all of this. 
  3. But I tell you that I am going to do what is best for you. That is why I am going away. The Comforter cannot come to help you until I leave. But after I am gone, I will send him to you. 
  4. The Comforter will come and show the people of this world the truth about sin and God's justice and the judgment.
  5. The Comforter will show them that they are wrong about sin, because they didn't have faith in me. 
  6. They are wrong about God's justice, because I am going to the Father, and you won't see me again. 
  7. And they are wrong about the judgment, because God has already judged the ruler of this world. 
  8. I have much more to say to you, but right now it would be more than you could understand. 
  9. The Spirit of Truth shows what is true and will come and guide you into the full truth. He does not speak on his own. He will tell you only what he has heard.

—Gospel of John 16:5—13.

So this is Jesus pbuh promising in the bible, which you believe in and acknowledge, that I will arrive. I am the messenger and the comforter for the messengers of Allah and His prophets. If you were searching for the truth, then verily the truth has come.