First Facebook post of Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن: Syria and the Battle of Siffin

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Syria and the Battle of Siffin: This was the first Facebook post of Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن four and a half years ago, and it is still holds true today.December 15, 2012

1st of Safar: Historically and today
Today, Saturday, is the first day of the month of Safar and we remember the Battle of Siffin and that the daughters of Muhammad pbuhap entered Syria as prisoners.

1st of Safar, 37 AH: The Battle of Siffin started between the army of the Muslims lead by Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib pbuh and the army of the worshippers of Hubal lead by Muawiya Ibn Abi Sufyan, may God curse him.

1st of Safar, 61 A.H.: The convoy of the prisoners from the progeny of Muhammad pbuhap, the Messenger of Islam, entered Syria to Yazid bin Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan, may God curse them all, the leader of the worshippers of Hubal.

Today we see the same grim and malicious faces which fought Ali pbuh and took the progeny of Muhammad as prisoners. They were gathered by Satan in Syria; criminals, slayers, and murderers filling Syria with corruption, murder, and transgression over the Shia and the Sunnis.

They demolish the mosques and Hussainiyas [Shia places of worship], slaying the young ones ruthlessly with knives as they call to Islam, removed of honor, mercy and humanity, exactly like their ancestors, the murderers of al-Hussain pbuh who slayed the Master of the Youth of the People of Heaven and the beloved of the Messenger of God Muhammad pbuhap, the people who said to him [Hussain], “You will not taste the water until you enter hellfire.” Yet they call to Islam and to following Muhammad pbuhap, and they call in the name of Muhammad pbuhap.

They are the ones supported by the United States and the West today, just as they supported al-Qaeda and Bin Laden before in Afghanistan, after the Soviet occupation.

Who takes the responsibility for supplying anti-aircraft weapons to those barbarians? And does the US really not know who supplied them with anti-aircraft weapons? And does the US really not know that placing such weapons in their hands is a threat to the civilian aircraft in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and even Jordan?

Does the US, who supports these slayers of al-Qaeda masked behind different names, really not know that if they succeed in overthrowing the governing regime in Syria by force of arms and slaying with knives, that they will head towards destroying Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, slaying the Sunnis and the Shia therein?

Translated by the Official Translation Committee of Ansar Imam Al-Mahdi PBUH