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Corruption Within the Government of Iraq

This is a Facebook post from June 30, 2016. It is regarding the corruption within the Iraqi government that exists until today.

The Iraqi Government, Corruption, and Oppression of the People: From the Facebook page of Ahmed Al Hasan 

Dr Haider Al-Abadi wrote on his page:

Currently, the top priority is to free Mosul, achieve political and economic stability, and improve the electricity situation, especially in Basra. I am not insisting on a ministerial reshuffle.

And I say: Almost a year ago, when the protests had begun in Basra, I conducted an interview with the manager of the Savior of Mankind Channel. In response to the first question, I said:

I advise the Iraqi people to recognize that the ones involved in this government, who have witnessed this systematic failure, embezzling, and squandering of wealth — who haven’t lifted a finger all this time — are not trustworthy. They are incapable of achieving reform or change.

My beloveds, how do you expect good from the ones who split positions of management and ministries amongst themselves for one goal only: the benefits that came with these positions? They knew very well that the ministers they employed understood nothing about their ministries. Yet they went ahead and employed incompetent ministers and managers. In the end there has been theft, wasted money, failed contracts and fruitless projects. They have continued to do this for the past twelve years. Do you want to experience another twelve? Do you want to experience it again with the same faces that have caused your suffering for the past years?! I hope the beloved protesters answer this question.”

It’s either that you’ve been protesting for a revolution to bring real change to your lives, or you’re satisfied with being prey, once again, to the deception of those people and their trickery.
Beloveds, the ministers and managers are subject to factional partnerships from different political parties. They are not competent. Many of them are not qualified, neither scientifically nor professionally. Most of them work for their parties and not for the Iraqi citizen, regardless of their religious, ethnic or political affiliation. The result Iraq has reached today of near complete failure is a natural result of this.

At the very least, what was needed was a government of independent and competent people to accomplish two main tasks:
–To identify the reasons behind this failure with high accuracy and with scientific and practical standards, and to address Iraq’s situation in general, particularly the widespread corruption.
–To try those who caused this failure for the past years, and at least try and hold accountable those who caused a large portion of Iraq’s land to be invaded, and who caused Iraqi bloodshed in Mosul, Speicher, etc.

Today, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi went back to the starting point. Yet, he wants us to believe that he will achieve political and economic stability with the same methods that resulted in what we have been going through.

I don’t believe that a reasonable person would expect different results from the same methods.
Anyway, I had predicted this almost a year ago in the aforementioned interview, and in what I’ve been writing on this page .
Today, what I want to say is:
Your vision is very short-sighted. Fallujah and Mosul aren’t lifelines—they are not even a straw to grasp.