Remarks, Chapter 6, The Atheism Delusion – A Facebook Post July 13, 2017

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Remarks, an Excerpt From “The Atheism Delusion” Chapter 6:


Remark: [H]ere is an example to make it more clear: if we imagine that a person dug a hole in nothingness and placed the dirt (or whatever he took out of the hole) in a pile next to the hole, then we would have a hole and dirt (or what we took out of the hole) next to it. Their sum represents new nothingness, in the sense that, if we were to add the dirt and hole again in some way, it would return to what it was: nothingness, or let us say, no hole and no pile of dirt—just nothingness. In this case, nothing external entered the equation for it to be said that there is true somethingness, as we have always had the same nothingness. However, this is not absolute nothingness with no somethingness within it. Rather, the nothingness we are talking about here is exactly equal to a hole and a pile of dirt. There is something virtual in this nothingness, and as such, this thing that carries its nothingness with it did not appear from nothing. Someone caused its appearance: the person or force that dug the hole.


Therefore, even if the somethingness was virtual in nonexistence—like the appearance of subatomic particles or strings, and their counterparts, and their annihilating each other, as was explained according to the uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics—this is not called an appearance from nothing. In reality what appears is a positively charged particle, and a corresponding negatively charged particle to offset its appearance. The appearance of a positively charged particle must have  a cause that made it appear. Quantum mechanics, in accordance with the Copenhagen interpretation that we have previously explained, avoids looking for the cause by eliminating the causality principle. However, this avoidance does not actually eliminate the cause and reason. There is still an unknown reason and cause: the one who dug the hole in our previous example.


This absolutely proves the existence of a god and it proves what we have been continually saying: God created the universe, and the universe continues to exist because of God. This does not mean that He Himself directly carried out creation or is maintaining its existence. It is as He said in the Quran: {We have built the sky with hands, and We are capable.} Quran Chapter “The Winnowing Winds” 51:47. He is far above an actual hand. What is meant by hands are causes or entities caused by Him.



Remark: The issue of quantum fluctuations in space, or the appearance of particles or strings that carry positive energy and their counterparts, as well as their annihilation, clearly proves what we have been continually saying: that the first creation –Muhammad–oscillates between appearance and annihilation. Alternatively, let us call it as physicists today call it: a sum of two positive and negative energies that appear and disappear. All universes, including ours, follow him in his oscillation, so we find that it is very likely, rather natural, for energies to appear and disappear at the subatomic level in a process as similar as possible to the oscillation described by Imam al-Sadiq pbuh: that Prophet Muhammad pbuhap is an oscillating veil. Or, let us say, like a curtain placed in front of a door, moved by the wind, thus it is oscillating.


Remark: space is not only the areas void of matter between planets, stars and galaxies. The vast majority of matter itself is space filled with quantum fluctuations, meaning that a large fraction of every atom is space. This means that the body of the human being, for example, is space filled with quantum fluctuations, or particles that appear and disappear.


Remark: when we say that God is the creator of nothingness, we do not mean that He created absolute nothingness, because absolute nothingness does not have somethingness within it in order for God to have created it. What we mean is that He Almighty created nonexistence along with existence. As it has now been explained, particles at a subatomic level appear and disappear, or annihilate each other, because they are essentially positive and negative energies; or, let us say, they are matter and antimatter. This is an important issue that logically clarifies the problem of the new existence being inside or outside of God. Or, to say it another way: since only the Almighty is eternal and no one else, where did the creation come into existence: inside, or outside of Him? If it was within God, then God is new, and His oldness and absolute divinity are invalid. If it was outside of God, then it necessitates the oldness and eternalness of someone else outside of Him in which God brought the creation to existence. Therefore, it has now been explained that it is neither one nor the other. What we call new existence is only an existence that carries its nothingness with it, as is stated by modern science: matter and antimatter, or positive and negative energy. Consequently, it is neither within God or outside of Him, because according to its truth, it is generally nothing in comparison to God Almighty, the true existence.


Remark: The ignorance of the Wahhabi clerics has now been made clear/revealed* scientifically and (using) the laws of physics, and their satanic, deviated religion has been demolished.

This doctrine is built upon the creation being separated from God and that the Almighty descends, and that the Almighty is up and above the heavens, among other beliefs of the idol-worshipping nonsense of the Salafi creed.


Remark: This is the truth as it is, and I have explained it with unquestionable scientific proof. Perhaps a lot of people do not like being told that they are nothing, especially some of the arrogant “men of religion”. However, I think they are obliged, whether it be today or tomorrow, to believe that we consist of matter that carries its antimatter with it, and that we live in a material universe that carries its antimatter with it, and that the negative energy equals its positive energy. This is unless they wish to insist for a while longer, just as they have insisted previously, that the earth does not orbit the sun, or they will rely on the possibility that people continue to misunderstand these sciences, despite decades having passed since Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Yet, unfortunately, until the present day, few educated people are aware of this, or are aware of the meaning of spacetime, the relativity of time and space, and that gravity is caused by the bending of the universal fabric (spacetime). How much time will pass before people understand M theory, as well as that there are more than ten dimensions? How much time will be given to the leaders of ignorance before people learn and understand that science has now proven that they carry their antimatter with them, and so does the universe they live in?!


To be sure, a lot of people have still not heard what is called antimatter or dark matter, and this is an invitation to whoever can understand these things to read about them and look into them, and try to employ them correctly to support religion, prove the existence of God, and prove that God is neither separated nor within creation. The atheists try as hard as they can to employ these sciences to refute religion. Also, the Wahhabis use ignorance to misguide people and deviate them from monotheism and the worship of God, and turn them toward the worship of a huge idol made by their delusions and ignorance – an idol that is separate from his creation and positioned above the heavens. Yet, I hope that, this time, people rise to their responsibility and not stay behind the facts for many centuries to come.

The Month of Ramadan

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Greetings and Advice –  Month of Ramadan 2015 Facebook Post

May the peace and blessings of God be upon you.
May you be well and in good health every year on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan.
May your fasting be accepted and may your sins be forgiven, God willing.
Reading the Quran comes hand in hand with fasting during this blessed month, so let our reading of the Quran be with reflection, and from now on, let us try to to work by what is in the Quran.
God Almighty said,

{O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for God, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just, that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah; indeed, God knows what you do.} (Quran, 5:8)
The proof that the Quran is from God is the great wisdom it has brought. To me, the Almighty’s saying {be just, that is nearer to righteousness} alone is enough to prove that the Quran is from God.

Be just, that is nearer to righteousness…
Muhammad pbuhap was surrounded by the hatred and hostility of most of those around him, because they thought he came to remove them from their high ranks, religious authority or worldly rulership. He was also surrounded by hypocrites who awaited his misfortune. Nevertheless, we find him to be the one to bring forth these words that command him and his followers to be just and fair towards their enemies, even in their speech.
Be just, that is nearer to righteousness…
Do you want to know the amount of wisdom in this verse, and how great of a meaning it holds in fighting the self and the ‘I’, or fasting in its highest levels?
Then compare your actions with this verse.
Look at yourselves and how you treat people who fight you or declare their animosity towards you. What does your soul command you to do? Are you just and fair with the ones who fight you? Do you refrain from lying about and slandering them? Do you only describe them by what they truly are? If they do something righteous, do you say that they did so as often as you fish for any mistake they make, or as often as you make anything they do sound like an unforgivable mistake?
Would you like to know how hard it is to work by this verse?
Look at how most people treat their enemies. You will find that most of them do not tolerate their opponents, and they describe them using the ugliest words, slander and lies, let alone their enemies.
Be just, that is nearer to righteousness…
In this month of Ramadan let us try to work by this verse, for reading the Quran without working by it is worthless. What is the benefit of reading the Quran as a bystander?
O loved ones, reading the words alone has no real benefit.
Memorizing the Quran, bearing the Quran and appreciating the Quran is through working by the content of the Quran.

June 16, 2015
Facebook Post
Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن

In Memory of Zainab

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In memory of Zainab, daughter of Fatima daughter of Muhammad pbuhap entering Syria as a prisoner, we remember that Yazid bin Muawiya Ibn Abu Sufyan, may God curse them all, slayed al-Hussain and imprisoned the daughters of Muhammad (pbuhap) in the name of Islam and in the name of Muhammad. And Satan’s purpose for this is to bring back the worship of Hubal that Muawiya and Abu Sufyan, may God curse them, fought for before, but to bring it back in another form.
The inheritors of Yazid’s method today are the Sufyani Wahhabis, the murderers and the slayers who allow killing the Muslims, the Sufyani Wahhabis whose intellect was removed. We find them today worshipping Hubal and in a completely overt manner, and we find them spreading his worship in the name of Islam. Their clerics say that their lord has only two eyes and only two hands, and that on each hand there are five fingers, and there is no need for me to continue with the description of their lord Hubal that they worship without God.
Their Imam Ibn Uthaymeen said, “And we believe that God Almighty has two real eyes.” And he also said, “God has two eyes and he genuinely looks with them” (Reference: The Collection of the Fatwas of Ibn Uthaymeen).
Their Imam Ibn Jibreen said, “The fingers are on the hand. However, that does not require that they be like the hands of the creation in their details, length and so on. Rather, it establishes the hand and establishes the fingers on it” (Reference: The appendix of his comment on the book of Lamat al-Itiqad by Ibn Qudama).
Whoever wants the details of the description of their Hubal, let him simply refer to what Ibn Baz, Ibn Uthaymeen, Ibn Jibreen, and their major clerics said. Then he will be certain that when Satan could not confront the Islam that Muhammad Ibn Abdullah pbuhap brought using an idol carved by hand, he confronted it with an idol embodied in the minds of the Sufyanis and the Wahhabis, and they try to spread the worship of their Hubal in the name of Islam.
This is the method of Satan, to demolish Islam in the name of Islam, and to demolish monotheism in the name of monotheism, as they claim to be monotheists and yet worship an idol who has two hands, and on each hand there are five fingers, and who has two eyes . . .
By your lord, who is this?!
Is this Hubal itself?!
Is this the same worship of Hubal coated with the name of Islam, the Quran and Muhammad pbuhap?!
The battle calling to worshipping God against worshipping Hubal which Muhammad pbuh started has not ended yet. And Siffin is only one of the connections. And Karbala and the imprisonment of the family of the Prophet Muhammad pbuhap to Syria is only one of its connections. And and today, we are living through one of its connections as well.

First Facebook post of Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن: Syria and the Battle of Siffin

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Syria and the Battle of Siffin: This was the first Facebook post of Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن four and a half years ago, and it is still holds true today.December 15, 2012

1st of Safar: Historically and today
Today, Saturday, is the first day of the month of Safar and we remember the Battle of Siffin and that the daughters of Muhammad pbuhap entered Syria as prisoners.

1st of Safar, 37 AH: The Battle of Siffin started between the army of the Muslims lead by Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib pbuh and the army of the worshippers of Hubal lead by Muawiya Ibn Abi Sufyan, may God curse him.

1st of Safar, 61 A.H.: The convoy of the prisoners from the progeny of Muhammad pbuhap, the Messenger of Islam, entered Syria to Yazid bin Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan, may God curse them all, the leader of the worshippers of Hubal.

Today we see the same grim and malicious faces which fought Ali pbuh and took the progeny of Muhammad as prisoners. They were gathered by Satan in Syria; criminals, slayers, and murderers filling Syria with corruption, murder, and transgression over the Shia and the Sunnis.

They demolish the mosques and Hussainiyas [Shia places of worship], slaying the young ones ruthlessly with knives as they call to Islam, removed of honor, mercy and humanity, exactly like their ancestors, the murderers of al-Hussain pbuh who slayed the Master of the Youth of the People of Heaven and the beloved of the Messenger of God Muhammad pbuhap, the people who said to him [Hussain], “You will not taste the water until you enter hellfire.” Yet they call to Islam and to following Muhammad pbuhap, and they call in the name of Muhammad pbuhap.

They are the ones supported by the United States and the West today, just as they supported al-Qaeda and Bin Laden before in Afghanistan, after the Soviet occupation.

Who takes the responsibility for supplying anti-aircraft weapons to those barbarians? And does the US really not know who supplied them with anti-aircraft weapons? And does the US really not know that placing such weapons in their hands is a threat to the civilian aircraft in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and even Jordan?

Does the US, who supports these slayers of al-Qaeda masked behind different names, really not know that if they succeed in overthrowing the governing regime in Syria by force of arms and slaying with knives, that they will head towards destroying Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, slaying the Sunnis and the Shia therein?

Translated by the Official Translation Committee of Ansar Imam Al-Mahdi PBUH


Supplication vs Satisfaction with Fate

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Supplication vs Fate

In the name of God, the Abundantly Merciful, the Extremely Merciful.

My Sayyid the Successor and the Yamani.

May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

There is confusion about how to reconcile between the divine command to be satisfied with fate, and the divine command to pray and supplicate to God Almighty and ask him for even the smallest of things.

In other words, doesn’t the command to be satisfied with fate contradict the command to supplicate? And how can we apply both commands?



In the name of God, the Abundantly Merciful, the Extremely Merciful.

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds.

May the prayers and peace of God be upon Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis.

Our supplication that the fate to come to be good for us does not oppose our satisfaction with our present reality and fate. For example, I am satisfied with my current illness because it is included in the decree of God and at the same time I pray that I heal after this moment. Therefore, my knowledge that my current illness is included in the decree of God and my satisfaction with it does not mean that I know or say that Allah decreed that I remain ill for another day, another year, or the rest of my life.  It does not mean the result is that I say I am satisfied with the decree of God which does not change, and therefore abandon supplicating.

Moreover, even if you knew from God through one of the paths of knowing the unseen—such as a vision that warns—that a harmful or hurtful event would occur tomorrow, you can pray to God or give charity. This would be in order that God would push this harm away, because it is not a decree of God that does not change, nor is it written in the Mother of the Book. Rather, it is a telling of one of the possibilities existing in the Board of Erasure and Confirmation for a specific matter, and it may not occur. Instead, another possibility [outcome] may occur.

So we pray because we do not know the final and definitive result that will occur, which God’s future decree for us. And we pray that the harm we are inflicted with due to our mistakes does not remain:

{And whatever strikes you of disaster, it is for what your hands have earned; but He pardons much.} Quran Chapter “The Consultation” 42:30.

Our supplication does not conflict with our satisfaction with the decree of God that has been placed upon us now. It is a reality we live in, and we thank God for it.


Ahmad al-Hassan

1433 A.H.

A letter to their leader, lest they return

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A Letter to their leader, lest they return to him!

{And when the word befalls them, We will bring forth for them a creature from the earth speaking to them, [saying] that the people were, of Our Signs , not certain [in faith]} [Surat Al-Naml 27:82]

To the one who has been silent for a long time then spoke with disbelief/worst of speech!

To their leader for perhaps they will return to him!

To the slaves of the nation, and the strangers of the sects, and the ones who abandon the Book!

And to every Muslim who has been confused about matters.

And to every Muslim who is Jealous about his religion and honor and sacred things

He, The Exalted, said: {O you who have believed, fear Allah and seek the means [of nearness] to Him and strive in His cause that you may succeed} [Surat Al-Ma’idah 5:35]

And He, The Exalted, said: {Go forth, whether light or heavy, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the cause of Allah. That is better for you, if you only knew * Had it been an easy gain and a moderate trip, they would have followed you, but distant to them was the journey. And they will swear by Allah , “If we were able, we would have gone forth with you,” They destroy themselves for Allah knows that indeed they are liars} [Surat Al-Tawbah 9:41-42]

And He, The Exalted, said: {And when a Surah was revealed [enjoining them] to believe in Allah and to fight with His Messenger, those of wealth among them asked your permission [to stay back] and said, “Leave us to be with them who sit [at home].” * They were satisfied to be with those who stay behind, and their hearts were sealed over, so they do not understand * But the Messenger and those who believed with him fought with their wealth and their lives. Those will have [all that is] good, and it is those who are the successful. } [Surat Al-Tawbah 9:86-88]

And He, The Exalted, said: { And strive for Allah with the striving due to Him. He has chosen you and has not placed upon you in the religion any difficulty. [It is] the religion of your father, Abraham. Allah named you “Muslims” before and in this [revelation] that the Messenger may be a witness over you and you may be witnesses over the people. So establish prayer and give Zakah and hold fast to Allah. He is your protector; and He is the best protector, and best helper.} [Surat Al-Hajj 22:78]

And the Messenger of Allah (sawas) said: “There will come a time upon my nation where nothing will remain from Qur’an except its writing, and nothing will remain from Islam except its name, they will be called by it while they are the furthest of people from it. Their mosques are full while its is empty of guidance. The jurisprudents of this time are the most evil jurisprudents under the shadow of the sky. From them Fitna comes out and to them it returns ” -Bihar Al-Amwar volume 53, page 109

And in Mi’raj (Ascension), The Messenger of Allah (sawas) narrates from Allah (swt):
(…I said: “My God, When shall that (meaning the rise of the Qa’im) be? So He, The Almighty, inspired to me, that shall be when the knowledge is lifted and ignorance appears and the readers increase and work decreases and destruction increases and the guiding jurisprudents become few and the traitors the jurisprudents of misguidance become many…) Al-Bihar volume 52

America is the country of freedom without any boundaries, fornication and homosexuality and alcohol and dissoluteness/immorality

And America is the country that fights Allah (swt) and the Supporters of Allah. And Shaytan directs the spear that he holds in his hand wherever he wants and he implants it every day into the heart of an Islamic country.

And America that does not accept the Supremacy of Allah in His Land

And before being the country that fights the Qur’an and the Mahdi (a.s) , America is the country that fights the Torah and Elijah (a.s) and the Gospels and Jesus (a.s) whom the Jews and Christians claim to be waiting for and supporting,

America is the iron beast which devoured and crushed all the kingdoms of the Earth like Daniel (a.s) said and predicted in the Torah

America that suggests democracy (i.e the Supremacy of people not the Supremacy of Allah (swt)) as a solution for rulership/judgement and they consider it the end of history and that it is the suggestion that took down all [other] solutions even that which Allah (swt) called towards regarding letting the Divine Law and the Successor of Allah in His Land rule/judge,

Allah, The Exalted, said: {And whoever does not rule/judge by what Allah has sent down– then those are the disbelievers.} [Surat Al-Ma’idah 5:44]

and {And whoever does not judge/rule by what Allah has sent down– then it is those who are the wrongdoers/unjust} [Surat Al-Ma’idah 5:45]

{And whoever does not judge/rule by what Allah has sent down– then it is those who are the transgressors.} [Surat Al-Ma’idah 5:47]

And He, The Exalted, said: {Verily, I am making a Caliph (Successor) on Earth} [Surat Al-Baqarah 2:30]

And He, The Exalted, said: {Say O Allah! You are the owner of Rulership, You give Rulership to whoever You wish and You take Rulership from whoever You wish} [Surat Al-Imran 3:26]

And He, The Exalted, said: {O David, indeed We have made you a Successor upon the Earth, so judge between the people with justice} [Surat Sad 38:26]

And He, The Exalted, said: {Have you not seen the assembly from the Children of Israel after [the time of] Moses when they said to a prophet of theirs, “Send to us a king, and we will fight in the way of Allah “? } [Surat Al-Baqarah 2:246]

Al-Sadiq (a.s) said:
(…Have you not seen Allah say that it is not for you to plant/grow its trees, He means it is not for you to appoint an Imam out of your own selves and you name him the truthful according to your own desires and will. Then Al-Sadiq (a.s) said: There are three whol Allah will not speak nor look to them on the Day of Resurrection, neither will He purify them, and for them shall be a painful torment; whoever planted a tree that Allah has not planted, meaning whoever appoints an Imam that Allah has not appointed, or was stubborn against the one that Allah appointed) Tohaf Al-‘Uqoul page 325

America that presented itself as a leader to the world, finally it has achieved its dream and entered the countries of Muslims with military forces after its filthy agents paved the way for it like Saddam and Bin Laden and the traitor rulers.

You shall find:
Islamic leaders and intellectuals who are internally defeated infront of the American democracy, thus, nothing remains for them from Islam except its crust and the apparent, but their hidden/interior is all American

As if Qur’an is incapable to be a constitution for the Muslims and in the Islamic countries, and as if Imam Al-Mahdi (a.s) is incapable to be a leader for the Muslims, so those people suggested a constitution that has been placed [by man] and democratic American elections, which make the like of Clinton who sexually assaults his secretary reach [the position] of being the president of America, in order to rule in the Islamic countries

and you shall find;
Jurisprudents who are the most evil of jurisprudents under the shadow of the sky, from them the Fitna came out and to them it shall return.
Jurisprudents who do not understand anything except that one of them wishes that he would stay alive for 1000 years,
jurisprudents who deal with America and do not find any shame in dealing with the the American suggestions, rather, one of them called for protests to demand the same American demands!! For he calls for elections and American too calls for elections! He is a supporter of America!! However, he claims to be opposing America regarding how and when these elections should be run in order to create for himself the image of the opposer of America even though he does not utter one word by which he asks the Americans to get out of the countries of the Muslims.
Rather, he does not even call for protests calling for the departure of the forces that are occupying and conquering the countries of the Muslims!!

Rather, one of those traitor jurisprudents asked the conquering occupying forces to stay longer because the conditions in the Islamic countries are not stable and they would not be stable except by the presence of the Americans according to the opinion of the Idols who remained silent for a long time then they spoke with disbelief/the worst of speech!!

and you shall find:
America, the barbarians and savages, incline with every voice and do not differentiate between the stone and the jewel, and their goal from knowledge is the worldly life, and they are those who have no religion and do not have deterrent/restraints within themselves to prevent them from sinning and corruption and corrupting and accepting the evil. And religion is something on their tongue that they surround as long as they have a good life. Those are like Saddam and America and every oppressor is accepted, rather, Shaytan too is accepted as long as they eat and enjoy and are distracted by hope

America has found the best base – which paves the way to its authority and dominion over the Islamic countries – in the traitor Jurisprudents and their helpers; the possessors of the crusts of religion but with devilish American inner, and in the barbarians and savages.

Thus, the Islamic identity of these countries became deformed and transformed into American colonies. So by the name of Islam Islam gets stabbed, and whoever calls towards Jihad is a terrorist in the opinion of America and by a silent consent from the leaders of the silent jurisprudents who do not speak except within the boundaries that were drawn to them by their American master. And therefore, I am reminding the Muslims that were confused regarding some matters and think that obedience to the traitor jurisprudents is obedience to Allah (swt)!!!

By the sayings of the Messenger of Allah (sawas) and the Imams (a.s):

The Messenger of Allah (sawas) said:
“The misguiding scholars are more dangerous to you than the Dajjal, and spilling the blood of my progeny after me. I am in war with those who fight them, and I am in peace with those are in peace with them”
Al-Amali by Al-Toosi volume 18, page 512

And from them (a.s)
(the mistake of a scholar ruins worlds)
Tuhaf Al-‘Uqul page 325

(The mistake of a scholar is like a ship, it sinks and drowns others with it), (the mistake of a scholar is the biggest of crimes)
Ghurrar Al-Hikam

(the mistake of a scholar is similar to a ship, it sinks and drowns [others])
Kinz Al-Fawa’id

And he (sawas) said:
(Verily, there are three things that I fear that my nation after me would do, interpreting the Qur’an with a wrong interpretation and following the mistake of the scholar…) Ma’dan Al-Jawahir page 31

Abu Baseer narrated from Al-Sadiq (a,s):
I said to him (a.s): {They have taken their scholars and monks as Gods without Allah}
So he (a.s) said:
“By Allah, they did not call them towards worshiping them, and if they had called them towards that they would not have responded to them.
But they allowed for them that which is forbidden, and forbid that which is permissible, so they worshiped them without feeling”
Al-Burhan volume 10 page 120

Lest the Muslims free themselves from worshiping the traitor jurisprudents and worship Allah, The One, The Conqueror after it has been made clear for them that those silent idols do not speak, and if circumstances forced them to speak they would speak with disbelief/worst of speech

Lest the Muslims take an honorable stance, refusing the American presence in the Islamic countries, and in a practical way not just by the tongue, after they free themselves from worshiping the idols of misguidance, the traitors.

With this speech of mine I am addressing especially the Muslims who are jealous about their religion and honor and sacred things:

What are you waiting for?! The Prince of the Believers (a.s) said: (Jihad is a door that Allah has opened for the most special of His Supporters)

Prepare your equipment and prepare for Jihad in the way of Allah.

Even if the people and the American religious scholars tell you that America is the strongest country in the world, say to them that Allah is stronger and greater than America.

And if they say to you, you are a small and weak group, say to them, How many times has a small group defeated a large group by the permission of Allah

And if they say to you the Americans will kill you, say to them, it is enough for us that we become like Al-Hussein (a.s) and the companions of Al-Hussein (a.s).

And if they tell you that the jurisprudents have not called the Muslims towards Jihad, say to them, and they will never call the Muslims towards Jihad because those are the misguiding traitor scholars. Those are Shabth ibn Rab’y and Shimr ibn Thil-Jawshan and Shuraih Al-Qady in this age. Those are like the scholars of the Jews that Allah mentioned in the Qu’ran, the one of them wishes to live for a 1000 years.

and if they say to you…and if they say to you…and if they say to you..

How preposterous! Humiliation is not for us! Allah shall never let this happen to us and His Messenger, and the believers, and chaste and pure laps and proud souls, we would rather die in an hour and not submit to the ignobles.

The Remnant of the Family of Muhammad (a.s)
The Firm Pillar Ahmad Al-Hassan
Vicegerent and Messenger of Imam Al-Mahdi (a.s)
To all the people
The one supported by Gabriel, enforced by Michael, given victory by Israfel
Offspring one of the other, And Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing

1st of Dhul Hijja 1424 Hijri

Syria and Iraq and Defending the Land

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Posts from 2015 about the events in Syria and from 2012, in which the Iraq invasion by Daesh (ISIS) was predicted.
Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن said:

“{Permission has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, God is competent to give them victory. *They are those who have been evicted from their homes without right, only because they say, “Our Lord is God.” And were it not that God checks the people, some by means of others, there would have been demolished monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques in which the name of God is much mentioned. And God will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, God is Powerful and Exalted in Might. *And they are those who, if We give them authority in the land, establish prayer, give alms, enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong. And to God belongs the outcome of all matters.} (Quran, Chapter “The Pilgrimage” 22:39-41).
Long before some Wahhabis from the organization known as Daesh seized control of some regions and provinces in Iraq, I made a statement that it would happen.
Below is what I wrote on December 16, 2012 on this blessed page:
“On the occasion of the Battle of Siffin, the entrance of the prisoners from the progeny of Muhammad to Syria and what is happening today in Syria, I repeat my invitation again, and direct it to the Muslims everywhere and especially in Iraq, to gather around the banner of truth of al-Mahdi to confront al-Qaeda, those slayers and those Sufyanis who gather today in Syria with the support of the US government and its lackeys, who consider Iraq their next step.”
After everything that has happened in Iraq, officers and soldiers in the Iraqi Army who believe in the truthful call of al-Mahdi sent many questions concerning their obligations. I explained to them at the time that their obligation is to fight and to prevent those criminals from seizing control of land in Iraq and the sacred places. It was Allah’s wish that some of those officers and soldiers were martyred while defending their land, belongings, and their places of sanctity.
Furthermore, the ansar defended the city of Balad, as well as Tal Afar before its downfall. The ansar in Najaf have told me that they informed the local government of their willingness to defend Najaf. Regarding Karbala, the believers told me that the local government that governs Karbala has shut down the mosque [or Husseiniyya] of the ansar of Imam al-Mahdi, the reason being that the believers in Karbala informed them of their willingness to defend Karbala and sacrifice their blood, so the reaction of the local government, or the gang that rules Karbala, was to shut down the mosque of the ansar of Imam al-Mahdi in Karbala. Unfortunately, this is the state of Iraq in general. It is governed by the rule of gangs, or the rule: ‘whoever overpowers, achieves.’ There is no law that governs the governors of Iraq, nor is there one to which they refer, not even the law they wrote themselves.
Since the USA entered the country, Iraqi governance (whether central or regional) has been distinguished by its randomness, disorderliness, and gang mentality. This was one of the most significant reasons behind the downfall of Tal Afar and the other regions of Iraq.
I do not wish to criticise anyone here, as the situation is extremely critical and it does not allow for too much talk. Rather, it requires sacrifice from us and from others in order to protect the sacred places, their belongings and the land. I have said all that I have said quite briefly for a reason that is yet to come.
What I want to say today in order to establish proof is that the situation has been very dangerous since Wahhabi organizations seized al-Anbar in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria. These organizations have started moving towards Baghdad. Time does not favor Baghdad, Karbala, Najaf and other Iraqi provinces. This is why we are ready to form a fighting force to defend the land of Iraq and the sacred places. If the central Iraqi government is ready to cooperate with the Ansar of Imam al-Mahdi to defend the land of Iraq and the sacred places, let the Prime Minister of Iraq or his official representative, the Minister of Defense or his official representative, or the Minister of Interior Affairs or his official representative, contact the Official Office in the Holy City of Najaf to arrange the formation of fighting forces, providing them with arms and preparing them to defend the land of Iraq and the places of sanctity.
O God, bear witness that we have delivered the message and established the complete proof within which there is no confusion.”
Translated by the Official English Translation Committee of Ansar Imam Al-Mahdi PBUH

Air Strikes Against Syria: A Facebook Post

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A Facebook post about air strikes against Syria from Ahmed Al Hasan in August 2013:
US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Porter conducts strike operations. Photo: Ford Williams/US Navy via Reuters

News is circulating that the United States and Western countries are determined to make a strike against Syria. And in Syria today, we see the battles occurring between the army of the Syrian country and the murderers from al-Qaeda. So whoever makes a strike against the Syrian Army or Syria in general is supporting the organization of al-Qaeda and helping it gain control over the lives of the Muslims. This is the equation in brief and it does not need any form of analysis. Therefore, today we see, and with complete clarity, that the United States and some Western countries are supporting al-Qaeda in Syria and the Middle Eastern region.

Sheikh Akram Al-Asadi

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The Passing of Sheikh Akram Al-Asadi

May God reward you greatly upon the passing of the revered Sheikh Akram Al-Asadi to the highest realm.
I ask God that He support his family and loved ones by giving them patience regarding what has befallen them, and that He reward them with good in this world and the hereafter.
And I ask God to have mercy on him with His vast Mercy, and for Him to ressurect him with Muhammad and his progeny. He is my supporter and He supports the righteous.



The translation of the post shared by Ahmed Al Hasan on his Facebook page is as follows:

From the Facebook page of the Representatives of the Office of Sayed Ahmed Al Hasan in Baghdad March 31, 2017:

In the name of God, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful. To God do we belong, and to Him we will return. Certainly, the promise of God is true. With hearts that believe in God’s decree and fate, the representative of the Office of Sayed Ahmed Al Hasan pbuh in Baghdad expresses their warm condolences and sympathy to the great supporter of God Muhammad Ibn Hassan pbuh, to his successor Sayed Ahmed Al Hasan pbuh, and all of the Ansar brothers and the family of Sheikh Akram Al-Asadi, who has died. We ask God Almighty to cover him with His vast mercy and accept him so that he resides in His spacious Paradise, and to inspire his family with beautiful patience and solace ([recite] Al-Fatihah).

The Third Berth: Excerpt 3 from the Atheism Delusion by Ahmed Al Hasan

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Was the Story of God’s Prophet Job Narrated by the Sumerians Before it Even Occurred?!

There are indications that the stories of the Sumerians are nothing but metaphysical stories and reports of real stories that were to occur after the Sumerians and during the course of the divine religion.

Anyone who has read the Sumerian clay tablets is able to see that they talk about prophets and messengers who came in an era after Sumerian civilization. An example of this is the tablet that mentions the story of the prophet Job pbuh before he was even born, and before his story was recorded in the Torah and the Quran.

All the tablets and fragments on which our Sumerian essay is inscribed date back more than a thousand years before the compilation of the Book of Job (Kramer 1981, 112).

These are excerpts from the story of Job, as recorded in the Sumerian tablets long before Job was even born:

“I, the wise, why am I bound to the ignorant youths?

I, the discerning, why am I counted among the ignorant?
Food is all about, yet my food is hunger,
On the day shares were allotted to all, my allotted share was suffering.

“My god, (I would stand) before you,
Would speak to you, . . . , my word is a groan,
I would tell you about it, would bemoan the bitterness of my path,
(Would bewail) the confusion of . . .

“Lo, let not my mother who bore me cease my lament before you.
Let not my sister utter the happy song and chant.
Let her utter tearfully my misfortunes before you,
Let my wife voice mournfully my suffering.
Let the expert singer bemoan my bitter fate…

“Tears, lament, anguish, and depression are lodged within me,
Suffering overwhelms me like one chosen for nothing but tears,…   

Malignant sickness bathes my body. . . 

“My god, you who are my father who begot me, lift up my face…
How long will you neglect me, leave me unprotected?. . .

How long will you leave me unguided?

“They say—valiant sages—a word righteous and straightforward:
‘Never has a sinless child been born to its mother,
. . . a sinless youth has not existed from of old . . .’”

The man—his god harkened to his bitter tears and weeping,
The young man—his lamentation and wailing soothed the heart of his god . . .
The encompassing sickness-demon, which had spread wide its wings, he swept away.

The (disease) which had smitten him like a . . . , he dissipated,
The evil fate which had been decreed for him in accordance
  with his sentence, he turned aside,
He turned the man’s suffering into joy, . . .(Kramer 1981, 113-14).