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Calling to the Sovereignty of God

Here is a response from Imam Ahmed Al-Hasan a.s. that he posted in the comment section of his Facebook post July 3, 2016, about calling to the Sovereignty of God. It is in response to the following comment:
Arif Hilli Alkhafaji wrote:
May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. My Imam, some ask: “How does Imam Ahmed Al-Hasan call to the sovereignty and appointment of God, while also proposing a political vision to solve Iraq’s problems—a vision centered around the current Iraqi political situation that was built upon democracy, whereas Ahmed Alhasan considers democracy a satanic alternative to the sovereignty of God?” I ask God to give you all that you ask for. You have my sincere prayers and love.

Ahmed Al Hasan wrote:
May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you too.
May God welcome you, my beloved.
I clarified our ideology concerning sovereignty with complete, undoubtable clarity, for whoever searches for the truth. As for intervening in public affairs, I clarified the reason behind it clearly. I clarified that to demand the people’s rights, or at least the bare minimum of these rights, is a necessary action. I quoted the Prince of Believers pbuh when he said:
”By God, as long as the affairs of the Muslims remain intact and there is no oppression on anyone besides me, I will remain quiet, seeking God’s reward and remaining detached from this world’s ornaments and enticements that you compete over.”
Sheikh Arif Hilli, may Allah protect you. You know that I advised them and showed them the right way, but they chose to move in a different direction, and now they’ve arrived at their current situation. Do you see that I should sit here and gloat, for instance?
Of course not. That goes against our ethics. This is why I am trying to help with all I can.
Demanding rights and presenting suggestions has many purposes in addition to being an attempt to lift some of the injustice off of the Iraqi people. One of these purposes is exposing the corruption in the path chosen by the ruling parties, embarrassing them, and showing how they hang on to their narrow personal interests and the narrow interests of their parties at the expense of the oppressed Iraqi people’s interest.