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Ask God

One day a doubter in Imam Ahmed Al-Hasan by the name of
Mustafa was repeatedly asking for evidence from
the Imam. His reply to him every time was:

“Ask God.”

Then Mustafa asked him:
“Why don’t you give me evidence?”

Imam Ahmed AlHasan held a rock [in his hand] and said:
“Even if this rock was the evidence, I wouldn’t give it to you.”

Mustafa said angrily:
“Why don’t you give me evidence that you are sent from Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh?”

Imam Ahmed Al-Hasan responded angrily:
“I told you to ask God and you want to be the follower of slaves. Return to God, and ask Him. If He says that the Yamani call is false, come, and I will kiss you right on your forehead.”