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The Reason For Dreams

Category: Shia Published on 08 February 2013 Baqiyat Allah
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Hadith Regarding Dreams and the Proof upon the People of that Era

One of our companions, from Ali Bin Al-Abbas, from Al-Hassan Bin Abdul Rahman, who has narrated:

Abu Al-Hassan (pbuh) said: The dreams did not exist in the past in the beginning of the creation, but rather they occurred later on.’ I said, ‘And what is the reason with regards to that?’ He (pbuh) said: ‘Allah (azwj) sent a messenger to the people of his (pbuh) era. So he (pbuh) called them to the worship of Allah (azwj) and to His (azwj) obedience’. They said, ‘If we were to do that, so what is in it for us, for by Allah (azwj), you are no more wealthier than we are, nor is your family stronger than ours.’ He (pbuh) said: ‘If you were all to obey me, Allah (azwj) will Make you to enter the Paradise, and if you were to disobey me, Allah (azwj) will Make you to enter the Fire.’ So they said, ‘And what is the Paradise and the Fire?’ So heas described that for them. So they said, ‘When do we go to that?’ So he (pbuh) said: ‘When you die.’ So they said, ‘But we have seen our dead becoming bones and dust.’ So they increased in their denial and contempt of it.’ 

So Allah (azwj) Enabled them to experience dreams. So these came to them, and they got informed by what they saw, and what they had denied from that. So he (pbuh) said, ‘Allah (azwj) Intended to Argue against you by this. This is how your spirits are. When you all die, and your bodies decay, your spirits will go toward Punishment until such time that the bodies are resurrected.’
 [Al-Kafi: Volume 8, Hadith no. 14505]

Ali Bin Ibrahim, from his father, from Ibn Abu Umeyr, from Hashaam Bin Saalim, who has narrated:

‘I heard Abu Abdullah (pbuh) saying, ‘The opinion and the dream of a ‘Momin’ (Believer), and what he sees in the later portion of the time is a seventieth part of the parts of Prophet-hood.’ [Al-Kafi: Volume 8, Hadith no. 14506]

Muhammad Bin Yahya, from Ahmad Bin Muhammad, from Muammar Bin Khallaad, who has narrated the following:

Al-Reza (pbuh) has said that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his family) used to say to his companions in the morning:‘Is there anything from the good news?’, meaning by it, the dreams.’ [Al-Kafi: Volume 8, Hadith no. 14507]

From him, from Ahmad Bin Muhammad, from Ibn Fazzaal, from Abu Jameela, from Jabir, who has narrated the following:

Abu Ja’far (pbuh) has reported that a man asked the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his family) about the Statement of Allah (azwj): {[10:64] They shall have good news in this world's life}, he (pbuh & his family) said: ‘This is the good dream which the Believer sees, so he receives good news by it in this world.’ [Al-Kafi: Volume 8, Hadith no. 14508]

Ali Bin Ibrahim, from his father, from Ibn Abu Umeyr, from Sa’d Bin Abu Khalaf, who has narrated the following:

Abu Abdullah (pbuh) has said that the dreams are of three aspects - 'Good News from Allah (azwj) for the Believer, and a caution against the Satan (la), and confused dreams.’ [Al-Kafi: Volume 8, Hadith no. 14509]

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