Ahmed Al-Hasan on Evolution

An Excerpt About Evolution from the Book “The Atheism Delusion”

Evolution is True

Bacteria were the earliest existing organisms. After a long time period, single-celled eukaryotes followed. Multicellular organisms appeared later on. In this manner, life gradually evolved.

Now if the process of creation occurred in a single burst, and God intended to create the human being, the environment, and the organisms that surround the human being, and if humans have existed only in recent times relative to the geological history of the earth, then why would God create the first groups of organisms in an order such that each newer group is similar to but more developed and evolved than the older group?

Did God create them with this gradual development over time in order to mislead human beings so that they would believe in evolution when seeing creation arranged in this manner within the geological layers? Of course not. God wants man to know the truth as it is, and to believe in God and the creation as He made it.

The only convincing, logical, and acceptable answer to what we see in historical geology is that life had a simple beginning, and then gradually evolved and developed.

Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن