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Imam Ahmed Al Hasan pbuh said:

My name is Ahmed, son of Ismael, son of Saleh, son of Hussain, son of Salman, son of Muhamad Al Mahdi. My father's name is Ismael. My first grandfather is Saleh, second grandfather is Hussain, third grandfather is Salman, and my fourth grandfather is Muhammad Al Mahdi, meaning that Imam Al Mahdi is my fourth grandfather and not my fifth, as had been clarified in my lineage that was published.


Imam Ahmed Al-Hasan is the successor and messenger of Imam Al-Mahdi Muhammad son of Al-Hasan, peace be upon him, to all the people. He is the promised Yamani to the Shia Muslims and the Mahdi whose birth at the end of times was promised by the Prophet Muhammad to the Sunni Muslims. He is the comforter promised by the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, mentioned in the Gospel, and the Savior whom prophet Elijah promised to be sent to the Jews. He set out with his great divine call in 1999 in Iraq and from there it spread to the world.

He came to the people using the proofs which the prophets of God and His messengers used for their people: the divine text which he has made clear to the followers of religions according to the books in which they believe, the knowledge with which he challenged the major clerics of all religions, and the call to the Supremacy of God, in addition to Almighty God supporting him in the kingdom of heavens with thousands of honest visions of the prophets and messengers that testify for him. He has written a collection of books containing great aspects of divine knowledge, which he began to convey to the people, including The Book of Monotheism, The Allegories, Enlightenment from the Calls of the Messengers, The Atheism Delusion, and many others. The purpose of his call is the same as that of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, may the prayers of God be upon them all.

The purpose of the prophets and the messengers is for monotheism to spread in every place on this earth. This is his purpose, as is the clarification of the Torah, the Gospel, the Quran, and the matters that people disagreed about, and for the earth to be filled with justice and fairness, just as it has been filled with tyranny and oppression. It is also his purpose that the hungry are fed, that the poor do not remain without shelter, that the orphans find joy after their prolonged sadness, and that the widows find or fulfill their financial need with dignity and integrity.  And the most important matter is that laws be applied with justice, mercy, and honesty.

From Musaylimah in a New Garment:

The everlasting way of Allah requires for His vicegerent to be known through a divine and decisive law which would never fall behind its companion, nor have its links broken not even for a single day, in order that a false claimant would be able to claim it or claim one of its links. The links of the divine law are the text, the knowledge, and the banner of allegiance to Allah. And Allah swt has made the vicegerents known in His Holy Book by these links.

From the Letter of Guidance:

"1 At the same time that I saw the Lamb open the first of the seven seals, I heard one of the four living creatures shout with a voice like thunder. It said, “Come out and look.” 2 Then I saw a white horse. Its rider carried a bow and was given a crown. He came out and has overcome, and shall overcome … " Book of Revelation, Chapter 6. Tell them that the sheep that is standing as if it had been slaughtered has come, so whoever wants to wash his clothes with his blood, let him do so to be purified and sanctified, and to have a share in the Kingdom of Heaven, and to see in the Kingdom of Heaven.

From the Sermon of Hajj:

The truth I say unto you, that I did not initiate asking for allegiance to be given to me; rather, what happened in the time of the tyrant Saddam was that a group of students from the Hawza Elmiyya in Najaf Al-Ashraf decided to give allegience to me as a messenger from Imam Al-Mahdi after seeing visions, revelations, and miracles. They then began requesting allegiance be given to me from the other students of the Hawza Elmiyya in Najaf, Allah knows so and they know so. And that was the first allegiance. Then people apostated except for a few who were loyal to Allah’s swt covenant, and the ones who apostated began saying that the visions and revelation were from jinn, and that the miracles were witchcraft. They used to say the honest and the trustworthy, and then began saying a magician and a liar. I returned to my home and remained like the serenity of day and night enjoying the company of my beloved Almighty satisfied with His fate and destiny, patient and convinced that Allah loses not the reward of the good. Then Allah willed that after the fall of the tyrant that a few who were loyal to Allah’s swt covenant decided to call people again without my direction or request for them to do this, even though I had not even met them at that time. Then they came and renewed the allegiance to me and pulled me out of my home, and this was the second allegiance. The call broadened and spread. The number of believers increased. Then the apostasy of Haider Al-Mushattat and his group occurred, so no one stayed on the covenant of Allah but a few who were loyal. So I returned to my home again, enjoying the company of my beloved Almighty, patient about His generous hardships. And I did not call anyone to give allegiance to me, but Allah willed that those whom He had purified by their loyalty to Muhammad’s progeny, and chose before He created this world, to support the Qaim (Riser) of Muhammad’s progeny, would come to me and renew the allegiance. This was the third allegiance, after I have been stricken on my head twice. All praise be to Allah who made me similar to Thul Qarnain and made me similar to Ali, the Prince of Believers, and all praise be to Allah who did not make me request Imamate but made it request me instead. All praise be to Allah who did not humiliate me by requesting this world, but made this world request me instead. By Allah I did not ask for sovereignty, reign, rank, position, or the obedience of people to me and submission to my order except by the order of Allah swt and the order of Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh and if it was not for the fact that I have no excuse remaining (and that is by the presence of a supporter of me) I would have tossed the rope of khalifate on its own shoulders.

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