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The Ninth Berth: Excerpt 9 from The Atheism Delusion by Ahmed Al Hasan

The Journey of Gilgamesh to his Grandfather Noah pbuh   Gilgamesh began his journey to his grandfather Noah (Utnapishtim), in which he seeks immortality—the immortality of the soul and not the body. From the beginning, Gilgamesh knew that there was no immortality for the body, for he said: Gilgamesh opened his mouth,      saying […]

The Holy Month of Rajab

Facebook Post April 20, 2015: *Please note that the numbers below indicate end notes located at the bottom of the page. From Imam Ahmed Al Hasan a.s. In the name of Allah, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful Praise be to Allah. May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you. I hope […]

Ask God

One day a doubter in Imam Ahmed Al-Hasan by the name of Mustafa was repeatedly asking for evidence from the Imam. His reply to him every time was: “Ask God.” Then Mustafa asked him: “Why don’t you give me evidence?” Imam Ahmed AlHasan held a rock [in his hand] and said: “Even if this rock […]

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