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Jizya (Taxation) – A Facebook Q & A

Jizya Posted in the comment section of the Facebook page of Imam Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن: November 17, 2017 Q: May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you. There is a question that came to my mind my dear Sir. Why did Islam force the jizya upon the Christians? I don’t see that […]

Ahmed Al-Hasan on Evolution

An Excerpt About Evolution from the Book “The Atheism Delusion” Evolution is True Bacteria were the earliest existing organisms. After a long time period, single-celled eukaryotes followed. Multicellular organisms appeared later on. In this manner, life gradually evolved. Now if the process of creation occurred in a single burst, and God intended to create the […]

Advice For Parents from Ahmed Al-Hasan pbuh

Imam Ahmed Al-Hasan pbuh has said: Reform your children, may God reform you, by teaching them Quran, praying, fasting and remembering God. Tell them the stories of the prophets, successors, good men and good women for them to take as an example and follow their path. Don’t neglect your children when they are in the […]

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