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Corruption Within the Government of Iraq

This is a Facebook post from June 30, 2016. It is regarding the corruption within the Iraqi government that exists until today. The Iraqi Government, Corruption, and Oppression of the People: From the Facebook page of Ahmed Al Hasan  Dr Haider Al-Abadi wrote on his page: Currently, the top priority is to free Mosul, achieve political and […]

Calling to the Sovereignty of God

Here is a response from Imam Ahmed Al-Hasan a.s. that he posted in the comment section of his Facebook post July 3, 2016, about calling to the Sovereignty of God. It is in response to the following comment: Arif Hilli Alkhafaji wrote: May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. My Imam, […]

The Tenth Berth: The Sumerians and the Supremacy of God (The Atheism Delusion by Ahmed Al Hasan)

This is an excerpt from The Atheism Delusion, Chapter 5, in which the divine nature of the Sumerians is discussed and evidence is presented. The Sumerians and the Supremacy of God Regarding the government, Dr. Kramer says: The Government, The First Bicameral Congress: Man’s social and spiritual development is often slow, devious, and hard to trace. […]

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